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Meet Jessica James

With our long-standing presence in Wellington, it was only natural for our growth to set up an office there. Jessica joined our team as a Financial Adviser in Wellington and shares our passion for helping people to become financially successful.   Click here if you...

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Your financial future

Most people have a pretty good idea about what their ideal financial future would look like, they just need help in getting there.  This is when talking to RIVAL Wealth can really benefit your situation as getting ahead can take time.  Read more.....

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Group health schemes

There's been a real surge in many employers wanting to help create a healthier workforce.  In the last 12 months, over 24,000 more Kiwi's are now covered by health insurance as employers offer health cover as part of their employment package. Read on if you would like...

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Meet Carmel

Carmel joined us in June and is enjoying her new role as part of the General Insurance crew.  Carmel works alongside Jenny & Marianne taking care of any claims and helping with the smooth running of any day to day administration.  Find out more about Carmel here.

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