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Financial Education

“Carissa does an amazing job of educating her audiences about the complex world of finances. She simplifies the information and motivates and inspires you to take action!!”

Barbara Kendall - Olympic Athlete - New Zealand

Financial Recommendations

“Carissa is very reliable and easy to relate to. I am most grateful to her for the sound financial recommendations she offered, and have and will continue to recommend her services.”

Jeremy Sharp - Owner - Masterton Stihl Shop

Investment Expert

“Tim is proactive and provides a balanced perspective to maximise your portfolio. A wealth of knowledge. “

Josh Byers - Marketing Manager

Ethical Advice

“Tim is an example of a dedicated and highly ethical financial adviser. I believe that he is one of the highest calibre financial advisers whom we have met.”

Clayton Coplestone - Director - Heathcote Investment Partners

Feel organised

A massive thank you to you for holding our feet to the fire and providing so much assistance.  It feels good to have purged some clutter and can’t believe how much better I feel with my income now protected.

Angela McFetridge - Design Lead - Beef and Lamb NZ

Insurance Expert

” Jen has been our Insurance Broker since the beginning, and the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” couldn’t be truer.  Jenny has been available 24/7 from a very demanding client!  Her service is exemplary and we continue to enjoy and great working relationship.”

Ray Spencer - Director - Kiwi Livestock

Amazing team

“RIVAL Wealth has the most approachable and common sense personal financial advice, we have seen for our clients.  They do not product push; they listen and advise from a market leading process.”

Marcus Morrison - Director - K3 Consulting

Proactive Service

“The team at RIVAL Wealth took the time to review our business in order to understand what specifics were required before presenting us with their recommendations. They were always proactive and provided comprehensive support.”

Meg Speirs - Owner - Pool Projects

Future Focus

“RIVAL Wealth have provided us with some great tools to plan and manage our finances for our future goals. The efficient team follow up and make sure that we are on track. I would recommend Tim and RIVAL Wealth if you need direction and help.”

Jude Clark - Estate Agent - Ray White Real Estate


Knowing where your money goes


Peace of mind you have the right things covered


Make your money work the best it can for you

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Are you challenged by your finances?

Financial success is not about how much money you have, but making your money work smarter.  While some people think having a financial adviser is a luxury service, it's quite the opposite with us.   We'll help you create a realistic plan so you can achieve your goals and take the emotion out of important decisions.  RIVAL Wealth listen and understand life, and we'll guide you through each step to a healthy financial life style.

94% of clients rate their financial adviser as good or very good with regards to trustworthiness and putting client interests first

Source: Financial Advice New Zealand trust in Advice survey completed in October 2020

The RIVAL Wealth Channel

Sharing our knowledge is one of our passions and making financial decisions accessible to everyone.  Below you will find some helpful videos on financial topics for you to watch at your leisure.