Everyone has a different view on how much risk they are willing to take with their money.  To find out type of what type of investor you are, complete our risk profile questionnaire.   This will tell your appetite for risk and if you’re a conservative, balanced or growth investor.

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Not so keen on fluctuations?

A conservative investor – suits someone who is not so keen on seeing their investment move up and down.  They may rely on a regular income from their investment and are prepared to accept lower returns.  Investments will be mainly be fixed interest bonds, with a limited exposure to property and shares.


Middle of the road?

A balanced investor – people in this  category can tolerate more moderate movements in their investment.  They do have a long term strategy and are  comfortable with a bit more risk.  Their portfolio will generally consist of a range of property, shares and fixed interest bonds.  


Sky is the limit?

A growth investor – these investors are willing to adopt a significantly higher level of risk.  They are generally in search of potentially higher returns over the long term.  Their investments will mostly be in property and shares, with a small exposure to fixed interest bonds.

Meet our friendly investment team 

Your investment journey is very important.  Our qualified and experienced team will guide you through and your investment experience.

Your initial meeting is all about getting to know you, to understand your goals and what you would like to achieve along your investment journey.  From there, we’ll design a personalised investment plan which is easy to understand and explains in detail our recommendations.

You’ll then have some time to decide on the next steps and what you would like to proceed with.

When you become a client, you’ll receive comprehensive reporting, ongoing communications and can view your portfolio anytime online.

All our research and investment administration is completed in house at RIVAL Wealth HQ.  We employ an independent custodian to hold our client’s investment funds – RIVAL Wealth does not handle any client funds directly.

Tim Fairbrother, Anna Schofer, Rox Carlen, Daryl Buckingham, Rennie Magee, Regan Sherriff, John McLean, Brett Tulloch, Nikki Monaghan and Fiona Matthews. 

Barry Read & Daryl Buckingham – Auckland Office

RIVAL Wealth offer an Investment Planning Service 

This service allows you to authorise your adviser to make buy and sell decisions about your investment portfolio on an ongoing basis.  You still retain the right to be consulted or can counter your advisers’ decisions.  By using our Investment Planning Service,  it means you don’t have to approve every decision we make on your behalf, which can affect the timeliness of investment decisions.  RIVAL Wealth are licenced to make investment decisions by The Financial Markets Authority (FMA), who have taken a thorough look under the hood and completed due diligence on our process for investing client funds.