KiwiSaver Risk Profile

The following questions about investing will help you determine what you want to achieve from your investment. This will help you select the best KiwiSaver fund for your circumstances. Remember there is no right or wrong answers as everyone is different, so choose the answer that mostly aligns with your situation.

My age group is(Required)
I would be concerned if the returns on my investment fluctuated greatly on a monthly basis(Required)
I would be worried if my investments declined over 6 months even though I know investing is for the long term(Required)
Making my own investment decisions makes me nervous(Required)
Out of the following statements pick the one that best describes your attitude towards investing(Required)
Below shows the highest one-year loss and the highest one-year gain on three different hypothetical investments of $50,000. Where would you invest your money(Required)
Typically, the pain of a loss is felt more strongly than the elation of a gain. Would you say that when faced with a major financial decision, you are more focused on your investment not going down or going up in value(Required)
The expression that best describes your attitude to investing is;(Required)
Over the next 5 years I expect to;(Required)