With a large chunk of the workforce proactively looking for a change in career – this can be tough going for any employer. Show you care about your staff by offering value-add employee benefits with their employment packages.

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What are employee benefits?

These are add-on benefits to staff, offering cost-effective insurance and investment products tailored to suit your team. By offering these benefits, staff have the financial support in place should the unexpected ever happen


What are your options?

Employing staff is not just about how much you pay them but about offering extra benefits that create loyalty and make staff feel valued. This includes offering employee wellness packages which include mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

It's a win-win for all

Having a happier, healthier and better financially educated workforce is a win-win for everyone – including your families and your communities. We can all play a part in sharing knowledge and expertise.

Employee benefits can have a big impact

  • Protect your team’s ability to earn an income if they get sick and can’t work
  • If someone does get sick, avoid public waiting lists and get back to work quicker
  • Take the financial stress away when someone is recovering from an illness or injury
  • Give your team the ability to grow their money so they can retire with the lifestyle they desire
  • By improving financial literacy, it can remove a lot of stress and worry when it comes to money and making informed financial decisions

Some extra benefits to consider

  • Workplace Wellbeing – create a supportive and family-friendly workplace culture
  • Career Paths – have training plans, annual reviews and future planning so staff have goals and aspirations
  • Flexible Work Conditions – look outside the ‘traditional square’ of what hours staff can work so they have a good work/life balance
  • Financial Rewards – for staff long service offer extra annual leave, contribute more to KiwiSaver, give regular pay increases or reward vouchers
  • Employee Assistance Programme – give staff access to confidential counselling and support assistance

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