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Review time!

“Love love loved that meeting! Thank you! You would be proud of us! We have upped mortgage payments already and have worked out all our expenses and incomings’… Read more “Review time!”

Start of an email from a client who has been with us for years, the benefit of having a review meeting!

Insurance Expert

” Jen has been our Insurance Broker since the beginning, and the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” couldn’t be truer.  Jenny has been available 24/7 from a very demanding client!  Her service is exemplary and we continue to enjoy and great working… Read more “Insurance Expert”

Ray Spencer - Director - Kiwi Livestock

Charity investment

“We have used RIVAL Wealth for a number of years now and we are very happy with the service and management of our funds. Their team are professional, kind, caring and being locals, we get to work closely with them when needed. We trust that our funds are being managed and looked after which is incredibly important for our charity. We value the information evenings, yearly reviews and regular communications on what is happening in the market and what impact this has on our investments. We have no hesitation in recommending RIVAL Wealth”.… Read more “Charity investment”

Amber Arkell - Centre Manger Wairarapa Cancer Society

Wealth of knowledge

Rox Carlsen financial adviser

I highly recommend Rox. She draws on a wealth of knowledge to give you sensible, smart advice about insurance, income protection, investments and saving for retirement. All tailored to your specific situation. She translates the overwhelming and jargon-heavy, explaining the rationale behind her recommendations to help you feel at… Read more “Wealth of knowledge”

Hannah Lawrence - Copywriter - Transcreator

Investment Expert

“Tim is proactive and provides a balanced perspective to maximise your portfolio. A wealth of knowledge.… Read more “Investment Expert”

Josh Byers - Marketing Manager

Future Focus

“RIVAL Wealth have provided us with some great tools to plan and manage our finances for our future goals. The efficient team follow up and make sure that we are on track. I would recommend Tim and RIVAL Wealth if you need direction and… Read more “Future Focus”

Jude Clark - Estate Agent - Ray White Real Estate

Proactive Service

“The team at RIVAL Wealth took the time to review our business in order to understand what specifics were required before presenting us with their recommendations. They were always proactive and provided comprehensive… Read more “Proactive Service”

Meg Speirs - Owner - Pool Projects

Financial Education

Carissa Fairbrother financial adviser

“Carissa does an amazing job of educating her audiences about the complex world of finances. She simplifies the information and motivates and inspires you to take… Read more “Financial Education”

Barbara Kendall - Olympic Athlete - New Zealand

Financial Recommendations

“Carissa is very reliable and easy to relate to. I am most grateful to her for the sound financial recommendations she offered, and have and will continue to recommend her… Read more “Financial Recommendations”

Jeremy Sharp - Owner - Masterton Stihl Shop

Amazing team

“RIVAL Wealth has the most approachable and common sense personal financial advice, we have seen for our clients.  They do not product push; they listen and advise from a market leading… Read more “Amazing team”

Marcus Morrison - Director - K3 Consulting

Ethical Advice

“Tim is an example of a dedicated and highly ethical financial adviser. I believe that he is one of the highest calibre financial advisers whom we have… Read more “Ethical Advice”

Clayton Coplestone - Director - Heathcote Investment Partners

investment planning

Deal with experts and take the stress out of making investment decisions

retirement investing

Create an income after your working life and not be afraid to spend it

kiwisaver investment

Become an informed investor for your future

Making investment decisions 

There is a huge range of investment choices available and often this can be quite overwhelming and emotional to make good decisions. We firmly believe in giving clients long-term service, so our investment philosophy is to aim for consistent returns, with low monitoring fees. Our friendly investment team works closely with you and you deal directly with the people who make the investment decisions.

Diversification is a recommended strategy for investment planning. Our friendly and qualified experts will discuss your options to creating an income and growing your wealth.


What is ESG?

This stands for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).  These refer to the three central factors for sustainability and the ethical impact of an investment.  Every fund within our portfolios incorporates ESG considerations as part of their investment process.  We believe that a considered and robust approach to ESG is a positive indicator of strategic thinking and long-term sustainability within a fund.

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