You’re the machine that makes the money. If you suddenly couldn’t work due to an accident or illness, income insurance can provide you with regular money while you recover and assess your future.

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Is protecting your income expensive?

There are certainly options available to reduce the cost of income insurance. Come and talk to our experts who deal with a range of insurance providers, They can then research the market to find solutions that suit your needs.  


There are different options for self-employed.

Knowing what options are available and choosing the right ACC cover if you are self-employed is where we can work our magic. There are many ways to increase your protection and cover yourself for both sickness and injury.  There’s some helpful information about ACC CoverPlus Extra.   

What help does the Government provide?

There are some Government benefits available but you have to qualify for any payments. This amount will depend on how much you and your partner (if you have one) earn.  You can find out what you may be entitled to by checking this link to Work and Income.

ACC will provide a percentage of income if you have an accident

However, many people don’t realise that ACC does not provide funding if you can’t work because of illness. This is why we recommend having a rainy day fund to cover at least 3 months worth of expenses, so if you become sick, you’ll have some money to cover immediate living costs. We have a range of solutions so come and talk to our advisers – we are here to help.

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