RIVAL Wealth HQ is based in Masterton and provided expert advice New Zealand wide.  You deal directly with financial advisers that focus on you and what you need.  If you ever have a question, and there’s no such thing as a silly question, get in touch as we’re here to help.

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What does RIVAL Wealth offer?
  • Everything financial!  We design detailed personal and business plans tailored to suit you.
  • Cash and debt management – set up a budget and tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.   How to get debt free quicker.
  • Health, life and income insurance – make sure your family will be financially secure if the unexpected happens – only 15% of working NZ have their income protected!)
  • Investments, savings and KiwiSaver – how to grow your money so you can retire with the lifestyle you desire
  • Estate planning – ensure the money and belongings you leave behind go to the right people (over 50% of Kiwis do not have a Will).
  • ACC – helping you have the right combination of ACC and income protection.  Often reducing your costs.
Is the advice I receive impartial?

Yes.  Some financial advisers can only recommend products or services from one or a limited number of companies.  Our advisers can select products from across the whole market, depending on your financial needs.  We are not tied to any bank, investment firm or insurance company.

How much will advice cost?

This is understandably one of the most common questions we are asked.  You will not be charged for the initial consultation, and you are under absolutely no obligation to proceed.  If you choose to go ahead we will clearly detail if there will be any fees.  You can download our Financial Advice Disclosure Document here.

Most insurance products do not incur any charges as we get a commission from the product provider. For investments, charges are a percentage of the assets under advice, which will be disclosed before you commit.

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Are my investments and insurance held with you?

No.  We do not hold your assets or insure you.  We act as brokers dealing with companies on your behalf.  Your investment or insurance is held in your name with a third party that we determine.

How are you compensated?

For Risk insurance, general insuranceregular investments, some KiwiSaver investments, we are paid a service fee by the product provider involved. This varies depending on the product, but we will disclose this in the written advice that we present to you.

For lump sum investments including portfolio monitoring, we are solely compensated by advisory fees based on the value of assets we are managing.  By charging a percentage of assets under advice, our incentive to perform is directly aligned with your investment objectives to take risk or achieve stability. The rates are quoted as annual percentages depending on the size of your portfolio and are taken monthly from your account balance.  You can download a copy of our Financial Advice Disclosure Document here.


Will you review my plan in the future?

Yes, our review process is our point of difference from our competitors; for example, would your bank call to discuss and review your KiwiSaver?

We want to make long term relationships with our clients and have a quarterly newsletter that we send out to clients that keeps you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the financial world.  RIVAL Wealth is here to support you and your financial plan both now and in the future.

Will my adviser be fully qualified?

Yes.  We encourage our financial advisers to work towards a higher standard than the minimum proposed by the industry regulators.  We also run a mentor system, where advisers can discuss issues and topics with each other.

Advisors will give you details of their qualifications and individual experience on request.

I'm not sure whether I really need advice; what should I do?

Many people are not certain they need advice.  We have structured our service to ensure that you understand the benefits and costs before you make any commitment. There will be no charge for our initial consultation and we will make sure you are firmly in the picture before making a decision.  You can download a copy of our Financial Advice Disclosure Document here.

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What happens if I don't go ahead?

There is no obligation for you to act after our initial meeting.  It would be helpful to us if you let us know why; your feedback will help us improve our services in the future.  You can download a copy of our Financial Advice Disclosure Document here.


Code of Ethics

At RIVAL Wealth, we pride ourselves on our ethical business practises, by always putting the needs of our clients first.

You’ll also find a copy of the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advisers here.