If you unexpectedly become ill, have an accident or pass on, having life and trauma insurance can give those you care about the most, some financial breathing space to cope and ease any debt worries.

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Tax free lump sum if you pass on

Life insurance is a lump sum payout that goes to your family if you were to pass away.  Getting the right amount of cover you need is where many people go wrong.  We can help with that.  


What if I get really sick and need time off work?

Trauma insurance is designed to give you and your family a lump sum payout to help pay for bills, home loan, or whatever you need the money for while you recover.   Here’s a video explaining Trauma Insurance.


What happens if I don't have a Will?

Less than 50% of New Zealanders have a current or up to date Will.  Most people don’t realise if you die with out a Will, your loved ones could face a lengthy court process to appoint an executor of your estate.  

Do you have a financial safety net in place?

Life is a journey but sometimes that journey ends way to soon.  If you have people in your life who depend on your financially – you’ll most likely need some kind of insurance.  Many people are not sure how much insurance they actually need and we often see people who are over insured.  Because we are impartial, we give you good old honest advice about what you do and don’t need.  


There is a 17% chance of passing away before the age of 65.   

Source:  Quality Products Research Limited

Let your loved ones know your wishes…

Download the form below which is a helpful document giving you the ability to write down specific details you would like to happen at your funeral.  Make sure you give a copy to your family.