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Market Update

October 2021 by RIVAL Wealth

The last quarter shared two similarities with the 1970’s. The presence of inflation and the song ‘Delta Dawn’ hit #1 in 1973. In 2021, Delta Dawn was more of a concern regarding the emergence of a new virus variant. Both inflation and the virus have been positive for investor’s asset prices.

Latest Media Release

RIVAL Wealth 21 October 2021

RIVAL Wealth are super excited to announce their merger in Auckland, with more growth on the horizon – watch this space!  Now with a team of 22 in total, RIVAL Wealth have 10 Financial Advisers and 12 support staff, who look after over 3,500 clients nationwide. 

Seven Sharp

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Kiwis are spending up a storm on credit cards

Carissa Fairbrother – 23 July 2020
What are the implications of credit card spending? Read more…

How to keep your savings going after lockdown

Carissa Fairbrother – 12 June 2020
Carissa has some excellent suggestion on financial resilience.  Read more…

What does this budget mean for you?

Carissa Fairbrother – 14 May 2020
Carissa talks about the most anticipated budget in living memory.  Read more…

Should Kiwis worry about the world's finances?

Carissa Fairbrother – 23 July 2020
COVID-19 is causing doom and gloom but should we be worried? Read more…

The AM Show

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Staying 'financially compatible' at home

Carissa Fairbrother – 22 February 2018.
How to use key business management strategies at home.  Read more…

Plan financially for the worst case scenario

Carissa Fairbrother – 19 July 2018
Kiwis are notoriously bad at planning for worst-case scenario.   Read more…

How much pocket money should you give your kids?

Carissa Fairbrother – 03 November 2017
How to teach our kids to make good financial decisions.  Read more…


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Here are five money mistakes to avoid during the downturn

Features Tim Fairbrother – 20 June 2020
Tim shares some of his tips.  Read more…

Newstalk ZB

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OCR hikes predicted by end of 2021

Tim Fairbrother – 7 August 2021
When to bring out the panic stations over rising interest rates… Hear more…

Are we too relaxed about KiwiSaver?

Tim & Carissa Fairbrother – 16 May 2021
Your KiwiSaver questions are answered plus much more… Hear more…

Tim questions the new income insurance scheme

Tim Fairbrother – 21 May 2021
Is this something the country really needs?  Hear more…

What insurance should you ditch post COVID?

Carissa Fairbrother – June 2020
Listen to Carrisa on the Smar Money session with Newstalk ZB.  Hear more…

NZ Herald

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No jab, no life insurance?

Tim Fairbrother – 13 November 2021
Insurer moves to look at inoculation status.   Read more…

Where to start when managing your money

Tim Fairbrother – 04 November 2020
Cooking the Books – What is the first step when you’re starting out?  Read more…

Christmas spending warning

Tim Fairbrother – 20 December 2020
If you can’t pay for it upfront, you can’t afford it.  Read more…


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We all need a plan b!

Tim Fairbrother – 16 February 2021
Top priorities for borrowers in the current financial environment… Read more…

NZ Business

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Making work-life balance work!

27 February 2019
How to use workplace flexibility to grow your business  Read more…

Good Returns

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Auckland expansion continues

21 October 2021
RIVAL Wealth merge to continue Auckland.  Read more…

Auckland team grows

14 June 2021
RIVAL Wealth gains more experience – Auckland.  Read more…

RIVAL Wealth opens office in Auckland

5 May 2021
RIVAL Wealth is expanding into Auckland.  Read more…

Firms will need to 'consolidate and grow'

8 September 2020
RIVAL Wealth purchases Employee Benefits Constulting.  Read more…

RIVAL Wealth wins top National Diveristy Award

31 August 2018
RIVAL Wealth is recognised for its workplace diversity!  Read more…

Getting to know about Tim Fairbrother

23 February 2018
Tim says luck often come dow to a lot of hard work.  Read more…

More great reads...

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Money Week 2021

Tim Fairbrother – 09 August 2021
Financial Planning webinar with Tim.  Read more…

Wairarapa Lifestyle Magazine

Tim & Carissa Fairbrother – 2021
RIVAL Wealth expands into Auckland Read more…

Half Light Sutdio

Carissa Fairbrother – 2020
Spring Fling Series with Half Light Studio..Read more…