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Market Update

October 2023 by RIVAL Wealth

All things in their season and all things in moderation. Q3 of 2023 took back a portion of this year’s gains, but as interest rates peak, income looks promising in the year ahead.

Latest eNews

September 2023 by RIVAL Wealth

In our Spring edition, Tim Fairbrother shares his views on long-term investment markets. Plus a reminder that we are here to help if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Seven Sharp

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Another OCR hike...

Carissa Fairbrother – 5 April 2023
Is the latest OCR hike helping us stop spending in order to beat inflation?

Keeping costs under control...

Carissa Fairbrother – 8 March 2023
Getting some financial control, when everything feels out of control

Returning back to the office?

Carissa Fairbrother – 4 May 2022
How to stick to a budget after working from home…

The bank of mum and dad

Carissa Fairbrother – 4 April 2022
Carissa has some excellent advice if parents should help their kids financially.

How to keep a cool head when your KiwiSaver takes a plunge

Carissa Fairbrother – 1 March 2022
You may have noticed your KiwiSaver took a dive recently.

Kiwis are spending up a storm on credit cards

Carissa Fairbrother – 23 July 2020
What are the implications of credit card spending?

How to keep your savings going after lockdown

Carissa Fairbrother – 12 June 2020
Carissa has some excellent suggestions on financial resilience.


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Kiwis urged to 'curb' spending patterns amid OCR hike

Carissa Fairbrother – 24 November 2022
Carissa chats to Matty McLean on Breakfast about what you can do…

Newshub AM

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Me and my money

Tim Fairbrother – 23 March 2022
How does Tim manage his money and what’s his biggest success…

We all need a Plan B!

Tim Fairbrother – 16 February 2021
Top priorities for borrowers in the current financial environment…

Staying 'financially compatible' at home

Carissa Fairbrother – 22 February 2018.
How to use key business management strategies at home.

Plan financially for the worst case scenario

Carissa Fairbrother – 19 July 2018
Kiwis are notoriously bad at planning for worst-case scenarios.

How much pocket money should you give your kids?

Carissa Fairbrother – 03 November 2017
How to teach our kids to make good financial decisions.


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Here are five money mistakes to avoid during the downturn

Features Tim Fairbrother – 20 June 2020
Tim shares some of his tips.

Newstalk ZB

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Should employers foster financial literacy in their staff

Carissa Fairbrother – 26 June 2022
Join Carissa as she talks about work place financial literacy…

How the Government could combat high inflation

Carissa Fairbrother – 24 April 2022
Join Carissa as she answers questions to this challenging subject…

OCR hikes predicted by end of 2021

Carissa Fairbrother – 24 April 2022
Join Carissa as she answers questions to this challenging subject…

Are we too relaxed about KiwiSaver

Tim & Carissa Fairbrother – 16 May 2021
Your KiwiSaver questions are answered plus much more…

New Zealand Herald

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Opportunities for your money

Tim Fairbrother – 05 December  2022
Listen to a Podcast with Frances Cook about the opportunities for your money in a high-interest-rate environment.

Inflation proof investments

Tim Fairbrother – 14 March 2022
The return of inflation is hitting Kiwis hard.

No jab no life insurance?

Tim Fairbrother – 13 November 2021
Insurer moves to look at inoculation status.

When to start managing your money

Tim Fairbrother – 04 November 2020

Christmas - how to budget

Tim Fairbrother – 20 December 2020
If you can’t pay for it upfront, you can’t afford it.

NZ Business

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Making your work-life balance work

27 February 2019
How to use workplace flexibility to grow your business

Good Returns

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Auckland expansion continues

21 October 2021 RIVAL Wealth expand in Auckland

Daryl joins RIVAL Wealth in Auckland

14 June 2021
RIVAL Wealth gains more experience – Auckland.

Growth in Auckland

8 September 2020
RIVAL Wealth purchases Employee Benefits Constulting.

Prestigious Diversity Award

31 August 2018
RIVAL Wealth is recognised for its workplace diversity!

Getting to know Tim Fairbrother

23 February 2018
Tim says luck often comes down to a lot of hard work.

eNews and Market Updates

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Market Update October 2023

Investment Team – October 2023
Market Update for all investors.

eNews September 2023

Investment Team – September 2023
Our Spring eNews with helpful tips and an investment over view from Tim Fairbrother

Market Update July 2023

Investment Team – July 2023
Market Update for all investors.

eNews June 2023

RIVAL Wealth Team – June 2023

Have you got your Estate Planning sorted?  Things like Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney.

eNews March 2023

RIVAL Wealth Team – March 2023

It’s been a challenging start to the year with the weather playing havoc around the country.  Do you have Plan B when life throws you a curve ball?

Market Update April 2023

Investment Team – April 2023
Market Update for all investors.  Read more…

Market Update January 2023

Investment Team – January 2023
Market Update for all investors.

Market Update October 2022

Investment Team – October 2022
Market Update for all investors.

Market Update July 2022

Investment Team – July 2022

Market Update April 2022

Investment Team – April 2022
Market Update for all investors.

Market Update January 2022

Investment Team – January 2022
Market Update for all investors.

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