Whether you are thinking about retiring, a career change or you’re finding the new financial advice regime too daunting, check out what RIVAL Wealth can offer.  We understand the challenge of making sure your clients are left in good hands.


What makes RIVAL Wealth so unique?

RIVAL Wealth was established in 2008 during the Global Financial Crisis, so we know how to get through tough times!  Our team currently has 10 Financial Advisers with 14 support staff.  We offer an excellent work-life balance with flexible hours and an awesome family-friendly enviroment. 

What our industry thinks about RIVAL Wealth

Our team is very supportive and proud of the awards we have received over recent years.  Best Customer Service Award from Insurance Business NZ, The Diversity Award along with Financial Advice NZ Awards for Excellence in Advice and Outstanding Adviser are just a few to mention!

What our clients have to say about us

Every year we survey our clients to check if they are happy and if we need to make any tweaks.  In our most recent survey, all sectors – investment, existing risk, new risk and general insurance rated 9/10.  A highlight was that 94% of those surveyed said they have a rainy day fund or are building up their fund.

Get in touch to catch up and find out more

You’ve worked hard to build your financial advice business and no doubt helped a lot of clients along their financial journey.  If now is the right time to start the process of leaving your business, we’d love to hear from you. 

If you have questions and would like to chat with someone or arrange a meeting, fill out our form below.  From there we’ll be in touch and look forward to finding out a bit more about each other. 


We assist clients to be financially successful through educated decisions, which create, protect and grow wealth  

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