As Financial Advisers, we make sure our clients have a plan in place if something totally unexpected happenes in their lives.  The same applies to you and your business.   Get in touch if your are needing locum financial advice services for your Business Continuity Plan.


Why do I need a Business Continuity Plan?

As part of the new financial advice regime that began 15 March 2021, to apply and gain your full licence, you must have an up to date Business Continuity plan (BCP). 

This must be appropriate for the scale and scope of your financial advice service. 

RIVAL Wealth offer Locum Financial Advice Services

We have a team of Advisers who have the skills and knowledge to step in as a Locum Adviser, backed up by an amazing team of support staff.

We also offer flexible and easy options covering a wide range of financial advice and products.

How can RIVAL Wealth help with my business?

As well as a Locum solution, we can set up a Buyer of Resort Agreement.  If you decide to leave the industry, we agree on the method of valuation to purchase your book of business.  We can also explore the option to purchase, with you joining RIVAL Wealth as a Financial Adviser, rather than stepping down straight away.

Get in touch if you want to find out more

As you know, life is good at throwing curve balls.  If you are the only Adviser in your business and for whatever reason, can no longer provide advice for your clients, you need to make sure your BCP covers any situation.   

If you have questions and would like to chat with someone or arrange a meeting, fill out our form below.  From there we’ll be in touch to see how we can help and what is involved in the process.  


What would happen to your financial advice business if you lost access to your IT systems or even your office?  Is your BCP up to date and has it been tested? 

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