Carissa Fairbrother

Financial Adviser & Keynote Speaker
021 904 375

“I’m immensely proud to provide people with knowledge and skills, assisting them towards a healthy and successful financial future.”

Carissa has clocked 20 years in the financial services industry.  She began her career with one of the largest firms in the country, prior to 2008 when she co-founded RIVAL Wealth with her husband Tim.

Carissa is a practising Financial Adviser and member of New Zealand Financial Advice.  With a particular passion for helping those in the self-employment space, she uses her practical experience to help those navigate their financial goals, build their assets for retirement and/or succession and implement a risk plan if a worst-case eventuates.

Often called on to share her opinion and tips with the media, she enjoys bringing financial organisation top of mind and sharing tips, so others can make better informed financial decisions.